Each one of the houses has been designed in such way, in order to achieve proper functioning of both interior and exterior spaces. On the other hand, we have tried to achieve the best possible integration of the natural scenery, keeping always in mind the specialness of both the surrounding environment and the site. The aim is to create a complete set of morphological and functional autonomous – independent, rural, potentially permanent, houses, with a common reference for the site and the landscape. Each house has particular characteristics to meet every possible need and expectation.

Spacing of building volumes – Cluster’s morphology

The group is divided in two aboveground building blocks, each one of which includes a ground floor and a two-storey house. The two-storey houses are located towards the outer edges of the site, while the storey houses are located towards the inner part of the site, reflecting the image of the mountain crest in the background, as the natural terrain.

A landscaped “walk” runs through the site’s total extent, following the natural terrain. It outlines common use spaces and demarcates the respective private exterior spaces, while creating a common zone entry. The slight turn of one cluster’s axles in relation to the ones of the second cluster the division of the volumes at ground plan level, permits the creation, in the wider perimeter of the buildings, of transitional outdoor spaces for private use.

In the main ground floor rooms, on the southwest side of the buildings, large openings have been created, in order to connect directly the interior to the main exterior spaces. Additional small openings have been created, at the height of the sloping roof and facing mainly to the north, in order to achieve proper ventilation and cooling, as well as visional “vanishing points” from the inside of the house.

The existence of semi-open and metal canopies, on the southwest sides, enables the proper shading of the buildings.

Description of the cluster’s structure

The “EXCLUSIVE” house cluster

The main rooms are situated in the ground floor level (lounge, kitchen). In the case of ground floor houses, bedrooms and bathrooms are also situated in the ground floor. On the second level of two-storey houses there are only “private” rooms, such as the bathroom, the bedroom and the office, in combination with balconies and semi-open spaces, for the “relief” of the indoor and in favor of the unobstructed view to all directions. Private areas are included and they are covered with sloping roofs, enabling the creation of further ancillary rooms (bedrooms) beneath them.

The free space is planted. At the same time, all the necessary arrangements are being done in order to achieve access to all houses, as well as to create a “walk”, which runs through the whole complex, passes in front of every entrance and connects the cluster visually to a future autonomous second cluster of houses, creating a functionally integrated whole. The private outdoor spaces (spaces relief of interior functions) are accessible from the main rooms, situated on the ground floor of the house, the ground floors of houses, without elevation, thus accomplishing the total integration of interior and exterior spaces. Complete with lightweight metal canopies for shade, total delineation of outdoor spaces and development of planting. The planting consists of both tall trees, in order to define the outdoor spaces of each home and as signals of the “walk”, and by a smaller amount of plants, achieving the creation of wider green areas and smaller particular areas around each house. The plants chosen are typical of the Greek landscape and follow the local green development. In the private outdoor spaces there’s the possibility of constructing a swimming pool (one per house). In addition, there has been shaped a guests’ parking lot, on the southeast edge of the site with direct access to the municipal road, surrounded by a communal green area of 665m2.

The “CLASSIC” house cluster

The complex consists of six independent two-storey houses and extends along its own “walk”, which was trailed in the “Exlusive” house cluster, which continues to this, consisting the main referential axle of the clusters

Access: by car from the municipal road, passing through a private lane and then on foot, walking along the promenade, which runs through both clusters. The site has an elevation gradient in the southwestern axle which is followed by the arrangement of the clusters.

This creates a tiered development of building blocks thus allowing the exploitation of both the southern orientation and the view from all dwellings. Furthermore, private exterior spaces are created that can offer isolation, if needed. There has been prediction for swimming pool and private parking lots. The size of each house varies between 70-100m², including the every day lounge, kitchen, dining room, 2 bedrooms and ancillary spaces. The inner functioning of the house is relieved in the ground floor open spaces, balconies and roofs, combined with lightweight steel canopies for shading and better delineation of private outdoor space. This cluster is under design.

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